Overcoming biological motion and purkinje reflections

M. Everett Lawson

Building animatronic substrates for calibration and testing of bionic interfaces.

Setup (gallery):

CAD and schematics (gallery):



Goniometer for omnidirectional biophysical interface

Capturing dynamic images of the eye are not only a critical component to understanding the health of the visual system but also reveal critical biomarkers for the overall well being of the entire body.  This prototype enables the acquisition of a multi-view capture, an adaptive bionic interface for a computational approach in non-invasive rapid screening.

Lawson, left eye, 50 micrometer resolution, self-guided vasculature mapping

Prototype development:

Carrier arm (see video below, right), stepper motor actuated capture rig for real-time adaptive alignment (camera sensor, illumination)

Sensor scaffold for opitical alignment within system (dual-field)

Biomimetic focusing and multi-structural illumination paths

Sample outputs (MEL left retina microstructures and vasculature):

CAD excerpts:

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