Transcranial magnetic stimulation – fucial falciform augmentation

M. Everett Lawson

I confront the filters of cognition as an intervention into the control I assume to have over my visual perception.  Researching neuroscience techniques in brain augmentation has led me to the construction of an object of transmission.  This work stimulates the visual cortex by depolarizing localized neurons, via focused magnetic pulses applied to the skull. 

I question my body’s construction of reality by dismantling its use of memory, patterns, and knowledge in order to build a new way of seeing.  What does the world look like without applied memories?  How do I move through a reality stripped of meaning?  What does it mean to look at familiar objects as though for the first time?  These inferences can begin to inform and unravel our notions of beauty, expression, and the construction of significance.

Schematics, papers, and demonstrations:

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