Art of Tone

M. Everett Lawson

What one experiences with the senses is not inclusive, but rather exclusive.
The Art of Tone is a visual approach to the granular synthesis of sight and the very nature of particles specific to our perspective in space and time.
Approaching retinas as a complex matrix of sensors, which are constantly activated in conscious sight, I wanted to isolate a single rod or cone (and in this case a single row of sensors), in order to create a singular perspective through time as the starting point to create this ongoing body of work. For this I built the head camera, which embodies a variety of materials including bits of a heart defibrillator, lenses ground from lead crystal prisms, and one of my first homemade rectilinear photosensitive cells. What it offers is a perspective in space and time that our complex retinas, eyes, do not allow us to consciously perceive. It allows for performative actions to be captured in their entirety within the space of a single frame. They are single exposures expressive of entire performances, revealing the path and history embedded within a specific space over an event period. The isolation of these affects in the visual experience are a constant inherent quality of human vision, and in turn, perception. The art of tone addresses the complexity of musical articulations, chordal patterns, and compositional forms in context, presented in a new visual tapestry, touching on the performative aspect inherent in the photographic medium.

© 2020 M. Everett Lawson.