Category: Unconscious sight: the first half-second

Independent early works, pre-MIT, 2008-2010

Sculpting Plasma

I engineered and built a 12 cubic foot vacuum particle accelerator with a power grid running at 300,000 V made from discarded television components, and a 10,000-watt stepped-up magnetron series. It is a photographic platform with which I have the freedom and flexibility to address a variety of natural mediums at the molecular level.

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Secondary Refuse

There is an inextricable link between the perspective of human engagement and the reaction of unseen forces.  Secondary Refuse is a project that began at

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Art of Tone

The Art of Tone is a visual approach to the granular synthesis of sight and the very nature of particles specific to our perspective in space and time

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Maunder Minimum

I created a number of artificial retinas on which images can be focused to address iconic decay as an unperceived aspect of sight. These carefully arranged elements have been developed into a device which can only “see” afterimages, presenting an aesthetic world of imagery beyond our conscious view.

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The Third Book

These pieces are single exposures made possible by the first digital camera I designed and built, which is nearly three feet across, makes an absolutely horrible noise, and has enough copper in it to make about 2000 pennies.

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