Resonant environment: active planetary systems

M. Everett Lawson

The transmissions of our voices, music, and global interconnectivity dominate the natural landscape.
The structures of individual cells, and the molecular harmonics of differing atoms in organic matter create the potential for new relationships in natural design. Through the use of microwave and radio transmissions, manipulated by musical compositions, I compose living organic matter orchestrated through the manipulation of frequency. Resonant environment is the first body of work to come from the microscope platform. The lenses are hand-ground specifically to create a sense of depth at 12,000 x magnification to quietly reveal distant actions as a system of planetary forms. These images were made from a single sample of my living blood as it creates new relationships from within orchestrated by compositions performed on my violin. Different compositions have different effects. As I perform I am able to see in real-time the organic compositions as they form and transform, forging new relationships and interactions, giving me a new medium with which to address our culture’s impact as it subtly imparts its presence in every vestige of nature’s growth.




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