Secondary Refuse

M. Everett Lawson

There is an inextricable link between the perspective of human engagement and the reaction of unseen forces. 

Secondary Refuse is a project that began at the sight of the first man-made nuclear reaction in 1942 this growing body of work addresses the residual radiation of an event nearly 70 years past, quietly exposing one the greatest changes in humanities dynamic since the advent of agriculture. They reveal the sensitive by-products of progress with which we are in contact daily confronting the focus of what we disregard as relevant and what is unseen as far-reaching.
Through the process of creating 12 gamma sensitive cameras, housing nobel gas enhanced phosphorus chambers, and highly charged electromagnetic cowlings to deflect unwanted interference These machines are bolted to the ground and the images are revealed through 8 to 12 hours of exposure in the very places where students study and play unaware.

Process and apparatus:

Sample gallery ouput:

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